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Skin Care for Men

Alright fellas, let’s talk skin. You may think to yourself “Whoa, whoa, whoa. Women talk about that stuff, not us guys.” Well, that shouldn’t be the case. Skin care is essential to any and every individual despite gender. Plus, women are going to be taking a close look at your face and we don’t want to repulse them, now do we? In that sense, it not only relates to men’s health but also to men’s social well being. Well you’re in luck, because I have a few things to say about mens skin.

Skin Type

Yeah, even guys have skin types. It varies, of course, from person to person: some have oily skin while others have dry skin, and so on and so forth. If you were to manage your skin type with the wrong skin care product, what you may find is skin irritation. In essence, it’s always best to know what you’re dealing with rather than jumping the gun.

Clean you Face Daily

Although it may seem logical, you’ll be surprised how many guys neglect facial cleansing. Based upon your skin type, feel free to purchase a face wash. You can apply it twice a day or however many times it is recommended. In time, you’ll start to notice your face becoming much more healthy and vibrant.

Shave Carefully

It’s needless to say that shaving should be enacted carefully. When shaving, some discomforts such as cuts, shaving rash, and razor burns occur, but there are methods to make the process less painful. For one, razor blades. You may find yourself paying more for a good quality razor blade but if you want healthier skin, it would be worth the investment. Also, you shouldn’t use shaving foam that does not lubricate the skin. Rather, use a shaving gel or shaving cream that makes the friction between the blade and skin minimal. After every stroke you should soak your razor blade in water. Afterwards, wash your face with cold water and apply after shaving lotion in order to soothe the skin and prevent razor burns.


That’s right guys, even men have to moisturize. Let’s face it, between the cold and the heat, your skin can look like it’s been worn out: dry, flaky, and itchy. Naturally, you have to use a moisturizer that is right for you and in order to do that you may have to experiment until you come across the right one. Keep in mind that, in general, a good facial cream or moisturizing lotion is rich in concentration and texture. Even if you moisturize once a day, your skin will thank you. Moisturizers lock in moisture, leaving your skin soft and smooth. If applied regularly and with care, you may find that moisturizing can rejuvenate qualities to your skin and face that may have been impacted by external factors.

There you have it, things to do to in order to impress the ladies. Try it out, see how it feels, and determine whether or not it’s your cup of tea. Fare thee well!

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