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When “Deodorant” comes to mind, many folks may think of scents, foul and pleasant. However, many don’t grasp the sort of ramifications affiliated with deodorants (surely there are social consequences of deodorant and the lack thereof). There are certainly are a few and this week on Men’s Health Insight I will touch on the different types of deodorants as well as the effects of specific types


Well, why do we use deodorant? I’m pretty sure the answer is quite universal: prevent body odor. An interesting tidbit I have picked up on, as far as I can tell, it has become a cultural taboo to not use deodorant. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for deodorant, but it is something I’ve noticed. From what I can tell, the idea of deodorant has been around for centuries, and as of now, it’s unheard of to go outside without it.

However, what are body odor causes? It turns out that bacteria are the culprit. Perspiration, itself, is initially odorless. However, because bacteria tend to thrive within hot and humid areas, it’s only natural they be found under the human underarm. In order to survive, bacteria feed on sweat, hair cells, as well as dead skin. Afterwards, once they are finished feasting, they leave behind waste: this is the primary cause of body odor. There you have it folks, the nasty, but true, cause of body odors.


You may think to yourself “Well, what’s the best deodorant out there?” (the idea has indeed crossed my mind). In addition, due to the overwhelming amount of deodorant brands, you may find it confusing trying to narrow down a particular one (again, I’ve been there). Well, thankfully, we’re only discussing deodorant for men, not so much brands, however, more of the characteristics of a particular type: Women are a whole other story (the bodies of men and women work on different chemical levels).

Aerosol Spray– The upside to deodorant spray is that it is a fast and easy way to block odor and you don’t feel an abundant amount of moisture once applied. The downside however is that the spray contains many chemicals, several of which can lead to irritation. Another disadvantage is that it has to be aimed properly, otherwise it may get on your clothes, mouth or eyes.

Stick– An advantage of stick deodorant than other types is that it tends to last for a longer period of time. In addition the fragrance of the material isn’t overpowering when compared to some like spray deodorant. A downside of using stick is that it tends to leave the underarm wet, adding to a sense of discomfort. In addition, it may also leave behind white residue.

Gel– One of the benefits of using a gel deodorant is that it will not leave any kind of residue. The fragrances aren’t so intens

e that it bewilders the senses. The drawback of using a gel deodorant is that it’s a gel. Although it may cover up foul odors, it tends to leave the underarm moist and wet.

Antiperspirant– With antiperspirant deodorant, you will find that it goes beyond the simple matter of blocking odor, and also allows one to prevent sweating. The idea of stopping sweat is a pleasant notion and for many of us it’s a method we long for.  However there are downsides, one of which involves pesky armpit stains. They ruin shirts and cost you money. Another negative aspect of using antiperspirant is the belief that cancer is associated with the use of such an item. Aluminum in deodorant ing

redients is said to cause the development of cancer. Don’t throw your antiperspirant out the window just yet. There is research perform by several entities refuting such claims. If those arguments don’t reassure you, you may want to consider looking into aluminum free deodorant.


It’s understandable that as a man, you work up a sweat. The important thing is to take care of your body and respond to what your body is telling you, that is, if you start to notice a rash on the area you had applied your deodorant, you may want to halt the use of the product and tend to it. Deodorant does tend to cause dryness, so moisturizing is a must. I personally feel that i

f the outcome is caused by a source that is filled with chemicals, the solution would be to revert back to a natural principal. My recommendation would be to use a moisturizing body wash for men, reason being, it is a shower, an activity performed regularly, and is hard to forget to take one.

Well, fellas, the type of deodorant to be used should be decided on a case-by-case basis: what’s great for one guy may not be ideal for another. Preference plays a role into the decision process: would you rather stay moist, drier, have residue, stains? The only actual way to decide is to test it out (play the field, if you will). Good luck and from Men’s heath Insight, have good week!

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