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Summer Skincare

Consider this week’s blog an introduction to your skin’s summer survival. I know that I’ve touched on skincare previously on my blog but due to the searing heat of the bright summer sun, I feel it’s an essential topic to touch up on. Also, I had received skin irritation from staying out in the sun too long the other day, so I thought I put in my two cents.

If left unattended, your skin can suffer from a wide range of afflictions, spanning from severe sunburn to even risk of skin cancer, of course that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the effects of uv rays. If you’re wondering to yourself what in the world can you do for skin protection, well there are always easy and effective ways to arm yourselves against sun damage.

For one, you should consider the level of UV protection you seek, which is dependent on your skin sensitivity. Utilizing a sunscreen that has SPF 15 or higher should protect your skin for an extended amount of time, but be sure to apply it 15 to 30 minutes before you go out. Also, note whether or not it is water resistant, so it cannot be easily removed by sweat or water (it’s summer­, you’re going to sweat).

What you wear also contributes to the well being of your skin. If you wear a baseball cap, it’s a good start for protecting yourself from the sun, however, in terms of your head, it leaves your ears exposed. Wear broad brim sun hats and you’ll find that it not only protects your scalp, but also your ears. The color of the shirt you wear also affects the lash of the sun. Darker colors tend to absorb UV light, keeping it away from your body. Also, wearing clothes with tight weaves/knits will prevent harmful rays from penetrating the fabric. Sunglasses! Sunglasses play an important role in protecting you from the sun, by decreasing the amount of UV radiation that comes into contact with that particular area, thus protecting your eyelids and other parts of the eye, all the while decreasing the likelihood of developing cataracts at a later age.

If you do find yourself already afflicted by the sun’s rays, it’s better to heed the preceding advice now more than ever. Keep in mind that there is no quick-fix for sunburn but you can ease the discomfort while your skin heals. It’s best to utilize a nutrient rich moisturizer (lotion and/or cream) as a means for sunburn treatment. However, you should never wait until you’ve gotten sunburn to practice sun protection methods! Have fun and be safe!


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