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Cardio Equipment

August 12, 2011 Leave a comment

Optimizing Your Cardio Workout, and the Benefits of Doing So:

Incorporating cardio into your workout is one of the best ways to burn calories efficiently. You can burn up to 400 calories in one 30 minute cardio session, depending on the exercise you are doing. However, cardio can be temperamental for some. People tend to become frustrated with going on the treadmill or elliptical for hours because they do not see the results they are expecting. There are a number of different ways to optimize your cardio workout with cardio equipment, and by following these simple rules, your body will reward you with the results you crave…and more!

First off, there is a simple solution for those who do not see the results they want after logging hours at the gym: mix it up! Try an elliptical trainer! Your body adjusts to certain exercises more quickly than you think. In order to gain the maximum results from your cardio workout, shock your body every time you work out. This way, your body will have to work harder to keep up with you, in turn burning more calories. Interval training is a great way to shock your body at every workout, without having to change much from what you already do. Instead of going 30 minutes straight at the same pace on the elliptical machine, by alternating between high-intensity periods and low-intensity recovery periods your body will have to work harder, and you will not only burn more calories, but you will also increase your endurance and fitness level. Incorporating short bursts of high-intensity on the elliptical machine is more effective and efficient than working out at the same pace for a longer period of time.

In today’s world, making time for the gym is becoming less of a priority for many people. If you find it hard to find time for the gym, or you are simply an avid fan of exercising after work, consider working out in the morning. Many gyms open early to accommodate for the early birds. It may be difficult to get up at the crack of dawn for exercise, but the benefits speak for themselves. By exercising in the morning, your metabolism will get an extra boost, helping you burn calories throughout the day! Not only will you physically feel great, but mentally you will feel even better. It allows you to stay focused and mentally acute throughout the day. Exercise releases endorphins in your body, and these endorphins help put you in a great mood. As dreadful as it sounds to wake up at 6am to work out when you could be sleeping, exercising in the morning will guarantee that you won’t make an excuse for working out at the end of the day, will help you boost your calorie burn, and will put you in a good mood for the rest of the day!

Most importantly, in order to optimize your cardio workouts, choose a cardio exercise that you enjoy doing! You are more likely to work out for longer if you are enjoying what you are doing. Enjoy nature? Take a hike for a few hours and burn nearly 800 calories. Enjoy swimming? Swimming uses just about every single muscle of your body, and it is a great way to beat the summer heat. Tennis, basketball and soccer are other sports and games you could play to optimize your cardio workout. I guarantee you while you are doing these things, you won’t even realize how many calories you are burning (hint: it will be a lot!). The most important thing about working out is that it does not have to be dreadful. One hour on the treadmill at the same pace is boring and ineffective, and most likely you will not be excited about doing that. Optimizing your cardio workout is not only beneficial physically, but more importantly it is also extremely beneficial mentally.