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May 12, 2011 Leave a comment

Hi folks, welcome to my first blog post and I’m glad you can join me for a small look into men’s health.

First off, look outside, what do you see? Are people wearing scarves and coats? No, sir. They are actually out and about in their shirts and shorts enjoying the highly anticipated warm weather. You see people walking their dogs, having lunch outside, and people jogging?! Yup, that’s the right idea, get fit for summer.

It’s going to be really nice out soon and, as men, we are going to want to strut our stuff in public, but before we do we want to consider what we have to do to prepare for it. The two factors that play a vital role in summer health are watching your eating habits and, of course, exercise.

Eating Healthy

Instead of ordering the burger and fries for lunch, try out a healthy salad. Ok, sure you may not find it to be very appetizing at first, but it really does grow on you. Where as a burger is tasty from the get-go but it makes you grow! Because vegetables are nothing but beneficial nutrients and minerals, you reduce fat intake, which, ultimately, helps you with reducing weight.  If you have a sweet tooth, bypass those cookies and go straight for those healthy, healthy fruits. Below are a few tips on eating healthy

  • Start eating vegetables and fruits regularly along with whole grains
  • Avoid foods with high fat content
  • Avoid carbs right before you head to bed
  • Eat moderate portions at regular intervals
  • Reduce, don’t eliminate certain foods
  • Foods aren’t bad, you can indulge yourself systemically, it won’t kill you


Why is exercise important? Not only does it improve your quality of life but its summer! Maybe you don’t want to be cocky by showing off, but if you feel comfortable with what you have, why not make yourself feel good? If you do eat something that is fatty and want to burn it off, exercise is key. Without a proper exercise plan the pounds will just keep packing on. Don’t just focus on weight lifting guys, there are also cardio exercises. Below is but a small list of possible cardio exercises.

  • Running
  • Swimming
  • Bicycling
  • Step aerobics
  • Walking (yes, walking is an exercise in it of itself)

Well guys, this is just a peek of what the you need to do in order to get that summer body. If you practice healthy eating and regular exercise, you’ll get there but remember it takes time, patience and effort. Don’t try and push it to the max, know your level of comfort as well as limits.

Thanks for joining me and I hope to provide some insight into men’s health.

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